Mr. Wonderful


Hey! Mr. Wonderful here, and I want to do a shoutout to the whole team at Score Priority. And this is coming from Tony, your CEO; he's asked me to do this and I totally agree with this idea.

2020 was a brutal year. It was a brutal year for everybody in America and pretty well every business as we had to pivot, go digital, redefine how we took care of our customers, and everything else to survive.

Now having done that successfully, I just want to congratulate you. But also think about how that builds a platform for you to really excel in 2021, and that's what this shoutout is about.

Anyways, I agree with Tony. He did a great job keeping it together, and for all of you keeping yourselves focused in a time of — let's call it “work-at-home chaos.” Now it's going to change a little bit in the back end of this year and that's a good thing! But we've also learned a lot from what happened in 2020. Take that, empower yourselves, and stay focused as a team towards the goal.

Good luck everybody!


Important testimonial information: Mr. O’Leary is not a client, employee, or affiliated with Score Priority.  This is a paid for advertisement.